We are striving for more – but can really give you the industry standard of 99.9% uptime on our servers. Our mission is 100% uptime – but due to the nature of technology hazards, that is a very difficult proposition as many users are sharing the same resources. We put all the applications, monitoring services and controls in place to quickly identify potential problem areas and take a proactive stance on all of our equipment. We will also send out an email notifying customers of maintenance that is to be performed. When notice is sent at least two hours prior to service interruption, the outage does not qualify for our uptime guarantee.

Our guarantee excludes the following situations :

o  Scheduled maintenance time
o  Problems outside of our network
o  Interruptions or failure of individual client services/accounts caused by the client’s: employees/customers, configuration errors, 3rd party software errors, client abuse or excessive utilization of resources
o  Malicious activities such as Denial of Services attack


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